FST Speakers - Research and Development

FST Speakerˇ¦s research and development team uses top of line equipment to test and manufacture new products. The team has a complete line of sound testing equipments that include the B&K 2012 audio analyzer with a standard anechoic chamber, on-line Ortofon P500 sound detector, sweep oscillator, among many others.

Anechoic Chamber

Anechoic Chamber

In House Environmental and Life Testing Equipments

The character of the iron materials found in parts, such as the basket and the plate, are tested using temperature and humidity tampering equipments.

Physical Vibration Testing Equipment

Temperature Shock Testing Equipment

In-House Precision Devices

At FST, digital measurement equipment is used to render precise dimensions, such as the height of the corrugation, diameter, and angles, of soft materials found in cones and spiders. The use of these equipments provides us with the advantage to be more precise and efficient over the conventional measuring methods. This is also another source that maintains the high quality of FST speakers.

Design and Analysis Software

FST utilizes the most updated computer aide drawing software and modulated speaker simulators to create speakers that can most satisfy customer expectations. It is FST Speakersˇ¦ goal to mold its services to fit each and every individual customer.

Research and Development Team

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