FST Speakers - Production Line

To ensure the highest quality of audio products, FST implemented a quality conscious and efficient production line that also provides a safe and comfortable working environment for our employees. We strongly believe that a good product comes not just from precise manufacturing instruments but from the diligent employees supported by a nurturing work environment as well.

Ningbo Production Line

Automated Systems

FST Speakers utilizes many precision types of equipment to uphold, at the same time, the manufacturing efficiency and quality of our audio products. These equipments include automatic glue dispensers, pressurized systems, quality control tuning devices for transducer production, and so forth. All of these equipments are checked periodically to ensure outstanding audio manufacturing results.

Automatic Glue Dispenser
Quality Control

At FST, we guarantee consistent quality products by utilizing the I.Q.C. system at the head of our production line. The I.Q.C. system makes certain that all of the parts we use are on par with our overall product expectations. If certain speaker parts are substandard, swift actions are discussed and taken with the vendors to insure the right speakers parts are brought back to the production line. It is this continual quality control check that gives FST the reputation of being a reliable speakerˇ¦s manufacturer.

Product Inspection

FST Speakers uses the O.Q.C. system at the end of the production line to safeguard that every speaker manufactured meets quality standards. The O.Q.C. system is made up of skillfully thorough computer software and trained technicians that serve to pinpoint any defective products that do not meet the required speaker specifications.

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