FST Speakers - Company Overview

Ningbo Factory
A true pioneer in manufacturing speakers for 40 years, FST caters to produce speakers of all specifications. The company was first found in Taiwan but has, since 1993, moved its manufacturing facilities to China to provide competitive quotations for our clienteles. Currently, we have two manufacturing plants in China, one in Ningbo and another in Dong-Guang. These two facilities produce top of the line products that are sold worldwide through companies in the United States, Japan and many other Asian and European countries.

FST has built its reputation within the speaker manufacturing industry by adhering to high quality standards as well as providing competitive prices and timely deliveries. We pride ourselves in our dedication to serve and satisfy our clienteles. For each project, we incorporate in-depth technical research and production techniques to achieve state of the art audio products. In addition, FST uses a standardized quality measure for all of our manufactured goods, which include professional audio systems, car speakers, communication systems, in-door/out-door speakers, and home entertainment systems. Thus, FST has high manufacturing capabilities to meet any clientelesˇ¦ wants that range from producing turn key speaker systems to products with design to finish needs.

In order for us to manufacture top quality audio products, we at FST, strive to maintain close relations with our suppliers. For 20 years, FST has sustained a thriving relationship with main speaker components suppliers for items such as, cone papers, spiders, magnets, voice coils, and pole pieces. These supportive suppliers are all subject to strict quality control standards that are set and enforced by FST. This gives FST the opportunity to reinforce our dedicated service towards manufacturing the best audio products for our customers.

FST Speakers is a global company that offers Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). Through EMS, a wide variety of services and resources are accessible to our customers. These services include engineering designs, aesthetic designs, post-sales transaction services, packaging designs, and any other services that our customers may require. We aim to please our clienteles and we hope you will fill out an inquiry form if you feel our services would be beneficial to you and your business. We look forward to hearing from you.

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